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Jun 7, 2018
I have an advice for you guys. The idea is simple, you just simulate drinking N/SN so often that you brain thinks it's normal. Take a glass in which you plan to drink the N, put the required volume of water and mix a tiny amount of aloe-Vera juice to it. Add a little more juice the next time and so on. To simulate SN do the same, but add some foul tasting salt thingy to it. Prepare and keep the mix the on study/computer table next to your bed, leave it and do your usual thing. Remember, following process should be impulsive:

1.You randomly notice the drink. You fool yourself that it is N/SN.
2. Without thinking much, quickly try to evoke (but don't try too hard) the the survival instinct, the unease in the stomach that it's all going to end. Make yourself feel serious and go with the flow, as if you are going to do something drastic.Trick your mind into thinking you are going to die.
3. If you do step 2 quick enough, you will fool your mind and it will try to resist you drinking the potion. Despite that, just drink it obviously.

The key here is to do it quickly without thinking much before your brain realizes everything is staged.The whole process should be over within five seconds. SEE-FEEL-DRINK. If your brain gets you first, cancel it. Repeat it at random times and you will have much easier time doing it for real. This method works for shooting yourself too.

I learnt this trick while role-playing with my realistic air gun. Even when it was empty, I could not pull the trigger with the barrel against my head. Now after hundreds of trials, if I had a real gun, I'm sure my fingers would automatically do the job.
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What lies ahead
Jun 28, 2018
Oh, I wanted to ask should N be mixed with juice like A is suggesting.
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May 24, 2018
Oh, I wanted to ask should N be mixed with juice like A is suggesting.
I worry about this advice, sure A is a good guy to the suicidal but should he really be given what is in effect medical advise !!! The only people who can tell you whether you should drink with juice is the medical profession and I highly likely suspect them of coming on here with their advice!!!