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May 24, 2018
A drivers perspective

The fatalities Peter was involved in were all accidents, but he also witnessed a suicide on the tracks during one of his shifts, when a man jumped in front of a train on the other tracks. His body smashed from the first train onto the one Peter was driving. "What was left of him landed on my windshield," he said. "It was a nightmare. My first instinct was to switch on the windshield wipers. You have to be pragmatic in situations like that. People committing suicide on the train tracks really do tick me off. Why drag others down with you in your misery?"
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Apr 6, 2018
So for people who have no other options what do you suggest? Continue suffering for the sake of the driver? I'd still use a train if i had no other options. Society has no sympathy or compassion for me anyway.


Full-time layabout
Apr 7, 2018
I've thought & fantasized about dying by train on many occasions. The feelings of the driver never accounted into any of them. He, or she, can suck my dismembered and/or mutilated dick for all I care. I know that makes me sound like a heartless freak, but better to be honest about it I say. Sorry, I guess. (*shrug*)