Avoiding flashing images, epilepsy.
Apr 26, 2020
Hello forum people

I have suffered with Complex PTSD for quite a few years, diagnosed in 2011 during Schema Therapy in London.

I notice some who talk about their PTSD has not received much or efficient support (if I missed it, apologies) so I thought we might support each other with what works for each of us. Maybe gain some ideas.

When I am able to, I listen to punchy music to get the anger out with karate kicks for instance as for me I can get trapped in it and it spews into my friendships potentially starting war-like fights.

Also when able I write the most gut wrenching poems, stories to get the sadness and despair out.

There are other ways I try to cope or expel painful emotions but what do you guys do for expression of yours and how do you try to cope with it?

Any web page you found helpful?

I like Maya Angelou she has always had some good supportive posts on the web. Many memes contain her words.
Im not religious but some scriptures have helped too.

It’s a bastard at any time so let’s see how we can help each other. :heart:

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Jun 28, 2020
Thanks for the support SA!
I am suffering from a type of traumatic stress, yes.
It will take some solid time to wipe the past away from my brain but... I hope it will happen eventually.
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