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Tortured by evil humans
Sep 24, 2020
No matter what it'll always be a burden to exist, human existence truly is the most dreadful and torturous burden that causes nothing but meaningless suffering. I wish humans wouldn't impose this existence onto others in the first place, to force one to be conscious and aware in this existence so futile truly is extreme unacceptable cruelty, I'd never wish to exist and more than anything I wish I never existed at all.

Existence truly is so incredibly hellish and harmful especially as there is literally no limit as to how much agony one can feel as long as they exist, it's a burden to suffer in this reality where chance so senselessly determines everything and it's a burden that only death can bring me peace from.

I see existence itself as the problem with death being the solution, it's truly so terrible to be trapped in this hopeless existence just destined to suffer way more, deteriorate and decay, only non-existence is ideal to me as it's the eternal absence of all suffering and harm. All I wish for is permanent nothingness, I only find comfort in being unconscious for all eternity, it'd be better that this burden is erased and forgotten about, I wish I could erase my existence so it's like I never existed at all.

The fact that humans cannot just easily free themselves from the burden of existence in peace truly is such a devastating tragedy, it's so horrific how many wish to make existence into a prison where one cannot just peacefully escape especially as to be burdened with this existence could never be something desirable.


Mar 21, 2019
When simply existing is no longer tolerable, thoughts of not existing are common. Do you have a plan?
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