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Aug 7, 2022
They talk of suicide prevention instead of preventing violence to women. Disgusting. Pro life don't know how to be pro life


Aug 29, 2022
Really disgusting, this is what a patriarchal society gets you. I supposed many are given away even before 18yo. How do you actually change something that is so much part of society?
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Sep 14, 2022
that is the neoliberal idea -- create suicide prevention but not address the root of the issues -- rape culture and patriarchy.
Those probably aren't even the reasons.


Oct 19, 2021
that is the neoliberal idea -- create suicide prevention but not address the root of the issues -- rape culture and patriarchy.
The root issues varies from place to place- in the u.s. there are many root issues, and the way are society is financially is a big part of the problem- if you are lower income your life can fall apart fast. We pay sports palyers $50 million per year and some collegeg professors, who don't have tenure, live in their cars because they don't have a place to live.


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Aug 5, 2022
My ex that was staying with me for several months did end up slapping me and restraining my arms 2-3 times. I never really ever expected in my entire life that a man would ever do something like this to me, especially not a man that I am with romantically. I regret not having called the police on him and gotten help for it. I wish I had, but I don’t want to put another person through that kind of trauma, even though they put me through some of the worst stuff I’ve experienced. I don’t wish PTSD and flashbacks upon anyone else in this world. I just wish people weren’t so cruel.
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Alcoholic Teletubby

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Jan 10, 2022
How this attitude of passive-aggressiveness towards abuse has persisted for so long is something I just don't comprehend. In terms of learned behavior, hostility, culture, etc., I understand it. But while discussing how to curb abuse, we never actually implement the necessary measures to put a stop to it.