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Black Hole
Jul 21, 2023
For a long time until a few days ago, I was a frequent Discord user who used the site as a way to portray myself as my ideal appearance, personality, and way of talking. As a guy with gender dysphoria, I tried using it as a way to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of being uncomfortable as myself, but it was so pleasant that I began using it obsessively for months until I deleted my account.

Has anyone else done something similar through things like VR, Discord, Twitter, etc.?


Jun 29, 2023
I’ve done this exactly, on multiple websites. It’s actually hard to just not do it to the point where I’ve had to stay off of some social medias because I know it’s not something I should be doing.


On the banks of the Eternal Shore~ 🌸
Jun 9, 2023


they say it’s darkest of all before the dawn
Sep 13, 2023
No but I use a virtual platform to escape reality. I prefer online/the virtual world to real life and the real world