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Mar 21, 2022
no and i guess the idea sounds weird to me
i guess i've never really experienced that sort of unconditional love
but yeah you're loving a person for who they are if they change and become unrecognisable, or they do something really terrible, or whatever, i think it makes total sense to stop loving them right? idk
Dead Ghost

Dead Ghost

Mestre del Temps
May 6, 2022
Unconditional love is the most basic and instinctive thing there is, of course it exists. It's in dojo everywhere. Look at this photo, it's the clearest representation you'll find of this:


L'amor incondicional és el més bàsic i instintiu que hi ha, es clar que existeix. És a dojo per tot arreu. Mira aquesta foto, és la representació més clara que trobaràs d'això:

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Jan 24, 2021
No, I see it as an almost theoretical maximum like infinity. Everything to acquire on this green earth is conditional. The love a parent can have for their child is probably as close as it gets, and I think it absolutely can diminish if parent and child have a falling out.

Romantic partnerships are definitely not based on unconditional love. Just look at how fleeting most are, and you have your answer. Even long-lived relationships take a lot of work to keep the "spark" alive.

I think we all have this concept because we yearn for the impossible. Like with most things, life always disappoints.


Aug 29, 2022
Is it real? Is it not? Why do you believe or not believe? Have you ever experienced unconditional love and what was it like?

I personally believe all relationships are conditional in the end and the vast majority will end based on this conditionality because even though it's not nice to think about, this is a transactional world. It's depressing to think about but I'm glad I know this fact rather than dream about a situation that can never happen and would be unfair to expect. I'm open to criticism and all views on this, though. Maybe I'm just maladjusted in my beliefs.
My wife is still with me despite and still keeps ups with all my crap and believe me that I am high maintenance. She said that she loves me and I supposed that is really unconditional love. I would like so much to be her and to be able to love a person in that way.
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Sep 7, 2022
I used to believe that dogs and cats give humans equal amounts of unconditional love because they don't know anything better. I have come to realize that's not true anymore because once they know you're not the only person capable of providing food, water, and toys then they will no longer love you as much as they once did.
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Mar 27, 2021
I don't have to believe it because I think I have it for one person. Unfortunately he doesn't want me and it's the best for him to just cut me out of his life. I still love him but I also want the best for him. From my side I dare to say it is, or was, unconditional, though once I am taken (if ever) I can't say I will drop everything and be with him in case he makes up his mind, so in the end, what is unconditional love? Shall I stay alone waiting for the possibility of him contacting me, just for the sake of unconditional love existing in my life, though unrequited? or shall I move on..
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