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Dec 17, 2020
I don't usually eat much in the morning, I'm never hungry at that part of the day, but I love breakfast food :D
My perfect breakfast would be scrambled eggs, a toast with strawberry jelly and a big glass of orange juice. I also like pancakes and waffles, who doesn't?
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Nov 9, 2020
I usually skip breakfast too, so when I treat myself to a nice big meal, I feel like royalty haha. Sometimes I order out for breakfast, and when I do I love to get pancakes, toast, eggs, a sausage baguette, and a nice warm cup of hot chocolate! Describing it just makes me want to get some now, even though it's already evening time.

...Okay, you've convinced me, I'll order some tomorrow! :tongue::heart:
signifying nothing

signifying nothing

Sep 13, 2020
Recently been starting my day with icecream. Slowly working through the flavours. Not the best start to the day, but f' it.


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Apr 27, 2019
Some form of eggs Benedict with toast, home fries, fresh fruit, and coffee. There used to be a breakfast place near me that had the best breakfasts and these extravagant fruit toppled fresh juices. I never got to try one of the juices because they closed down. Permanently.
The only cinema I ever felt comfortable enough to enter also shut down due to the coronavirus affecting patronage.
No last breakfast or theatre visit for me. :/