Dec 1, 2020
Hi everyone! I'm really thankful I found this place. Refreshing to see people just be so open and helpful towards a subject that's not talked about enough.

I've been struggling with depression for the last 10 years and it's really just taken a toll on my mind and everyday life. This is the end for myself and I know it. I have no fight left in me after this week. I've decided to make an attempt on Saturday. I'm choosing the CO method as it seems painless and simple enough.

I found it really funny though that these items are supposed to be the most accessible to get, yet it's impossible to walk into a store right now and buy them. My city is currently under lockdown, due to COVID-19 and part of the lockdown means they've banned the sale of "non essential items". So now I'm stuck waiting until Saturday to CTB.

Is anyone else thinking about using this method soon? Any tips? lol

Sending my love to you all, I'm really sorry you've been put in such a dark place by your mind or other factors. It sucks.


Check in on your happy friend
Nov 10, 2020
I'm so sorry that life has driven you to this point. Regardlessly, you deserve happiness and peace and I wish you a safe travel and please know that there's always no shame in changing your mind. :heart: :hug: We will always be here for you.

About tips, don't quote me on this but a short while ago, someone attempted with coals and they after they were burnt through, they left the coals outside for a bit too long (like 2 hours) before bringing them inside the car, and it just didn't produce enough CO to knock them out.

Also heard that it might be quite warm and toasty too, so maybe something to keep in mind, along with that if it doesn't produce enough CO to knock you out completely, you might wake up and experience a lot of headaches, so maybe some sedatives or something to keep you unconscious might be good.
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Circling the drain
May 13, 2020
This is my chosen method, it won’t be happening imminently because we are also in lockdown. I’m hoping summertime will bring some freedom in more ways than one. I’ve finally lost all my fight, I’ve tried so hard to stay on top but I’ve been sinking for years.

There is no redemption and forgiveness left for me and it’s time my family were set free.

I hope you can find some hope and happiness which ever path you choose, and as has been said there is nothing wrong in changing your mind. I wish you well. ❤️
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