All i have left is memories
May 19, 2019
I´m getting increasingly fascinated by the idea of isolating myself, not leaving any traces of my whereabouts, and kill myself in a forest. This is a medium-long term plan, and i don´t intend to do it anytime soon.
I live in a small, rural country in southern europe, and there are plenty of wooded, almost unpopulated areas around.
In a perfect scenario, i would like my corpse to never be found and just fully decompose out there. However, this is very unlikely to happen, as i´m bound to be found sooner or later.
Given that they will have acess to my DNA as soon as i´m found, is there any way of making it impossible for them to conclude who i am exactly?
Because i would really like for my family to never hear of my demise.
I´m also considering travelling to another country.
Are there any survivalists, Jason Bourne´s out here that can give me a few tips on how to dissapear?
Thanks a bunch.


existence is a nightmare
Aug 25, 2020
It's an interesting idea but I think it really depends on where you're planning to do it.

If you do it in an big unpopulated forest and hide somewhere it could be possible that you'll never get found but that might also depend on the method you're using. I don't have any big forests near me but there are big abandoned factories near me so I thought about ctb'ing in there because in some of them there was no human for decades and I would actually never get found.

Best wishes. I hope everything works out for you! :heart: :hug:


Oct 31, 2020
This has been a dream of mine too. Not just to have some peace and quiet in my last moments but also to become part of the ecosystem right after my death. Sadly its way too complicated and risky for me to go through with it.

Maybe you can go to the forest near chernobyl? Only a few old people still live in that area and noone would go hunting there. It would take a long time for you to be found.
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