Dec 1, 2020
I wanted a release since i was about 16 yet i would go on to live in a split life with a certain habit while listening to music that made me essentially only ever live inside.
I find myself i had this started since i was 12, always splitting a piece of me yet the habit would keep me in and i can say its been long enough.

There is nothing more ugly in this world than an old infant. For what is worth, i payed the 9000$ debt of my father's problems with a 11 month contract work for money i can't care.
I lived to only damage myself psychologically for all my life to make my decision certain.
Yet as i lived inside, the outside part of me never wanted to ask anything of anyone ever and neither bother living.

With the last of my funds i have made an order of 50 milliliter liquid potassium cyanide KCN. Keyword is liquid. Fingers crossed i'm not scammed.
I have no possibility to check the content of this to approve if it is what i ordered...
I hope someone here knows a possibility of having a few drops of KCN in a certain household material to check for a specific reaction.
I find myself only hoping what i receive off the dark web is what i ordered... And no, the price was exorbitant.

I know powder's dosage is about 1.5 grams. Yet i don't know about liquid. The discussion regarding solubility depends on what exactly. Powder is well known.
I need support about an informed decision regarding the liquid dosage.
It all depends on how liquid dissolves compared to powder. Can i just drink the 50 milliliter mixed in a 3:1 ratio glass of water?
I know the story about powder and more than 2 grams causes throat irritation. I only want to make this certain with all the pain that comes with it, no mishaps.
Can anyone confirm the solubility of liquid being reasonably close? and are there any cheap methods to test the contents of my order? i can't say i have any place i can ask for this..
Reglan and zofran is utopic...

I need help here to not find myself with the body rejecting too early vomitting it and leaving me with impossibility to swallow, with painstaking inners and utterly awkward situation.
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