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Aponia & Ataraxia

Aponia & Ataraxia

Jun 24, 2018
"Simple click setting enables optimum gas flow of 15 litres per minute." (MaxDog)

"Cylinders contain ~ 420 litres (15 ft³) & measure 11.5cm x 50cm & weigh 3.4kg" (MaxDog)

(15 cubic feet/420 litres) divided by (3) = 5 cubic feet/140 litres
(140 litres) divided by (15 litres per minute) = 9.3 minutes

"You'll die in about 3 to 4 minutes after" & "Once you've got them you can keep them forever, infinite shelf life" ('Death in a can' --Vice)

6 cubic feet aluminum nitro cylinder:


P.S. you will still need MaxDog's regulator ($330)
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