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Jul 4, 2024
I've been on SaSu for about two weeks now. I don't know if there is a thread about this topic.

I've seen a lot of people describing their mental and physical issues, health issues after taking vaccines, etc. Maybe you will be interested in this.

I would like to share with you my progress on using two heavy metal chelating agents: ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid).

It started when I was 13 yo. From being 'normal' energetic boy, having friends and being fun I became the most miserable kid in the classroom. Depression kicked out of blue, mental issues, extreme social and emotional isolation, extereme shyness, intelligence dropped, ability to learn deteriorated, eyesight worsened, reactive hypoglicemia, body couldn't regulate glucose (which back then I didn't know what was happening to me, ate a lot of sweets and caffeine), cold hands and feet, tinnitus, constipation, food allergies, acne, biological clock disturbed, insomnia. You get the picture. There is more to that of course. It's a brief description, but it's hard for me to be specific right now.

There is one special symptom noteworthy: feeling better and more 'normal' during a fever. I wished to have a cold permanently. I had personality, I was funny again. I couldn't understand this. The answer was prostaglandins. Of course when fever was gone I came back to my shattered depressed-manic self.

I lived with those symptoms until I learned in 2023 about Amalgam Illness by Andrew Hall Cutler. I was experimenting with things regarding health before so there was no hesitation. Yeah, I had amalgams. 4 of them. Had a suspicion about them before but this idea faded away quickly becouse I haven't got any money to provide healing.

After first dose of DMSA I felt the effect immediately. My brain felt lighter, like there was physical sensation in my brain coming along with emotional relief. I'm after 33 round of chelation. A lot of of somatic symptoms has improved. Psychological symptoms are the most important for me. They define the quality of your life. About round 30 I got a glimpse of what it is like to feel normal, to have a whole personality, to be connected with your emotions and react to them spontaneously, to be able to relate spontaneously to another human being, not being brain fogged or feel down during the day but it's not constant yet. Well, look at me, I'm suicidal...

This realization has a dark side to it becouse it makes me suicidal although my suicidal ideation was triggered by someone else. I realize being poisoned is very traumatic and having a 14 year gap in your memoir is devastating. 14 years of pent up emotions never properly shown or felt, personality buried so deep you don't know who you are and you need to find out. Years they call the best and most important. No personality at all. No friends, no acquaintances. I've been and still I am a cluster of thoughts trying to make sense of itself. People feel that something is off with you. I know they know. I was neglected by my parents at young age but it's an another story. it's only the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention the state of today's world.

It's hard to say if my suicidal ideation is connected to mercury banging in my head or is it psychological response or both. At the moment I'm at critical phase of my treatment.

Andrew Hall Cutler chelation protocol:

For most people the proper chelation
protocol using DMSA and LA is:

Starting 4 days after the last filling is
replaced, 50-100 mg DMSA every 4
hours (including getting up at night to
take a dose) for 2-6 months, until
urine mercury is reduced 80%.

Then DMSA 50-100 mg + LA 50-200 mg
every 3-4 hours (including getting up
at night to take a dose) for about 3
days per week. When you feel all
better, keep going for a few months.
You may need to do this anywhere
from 6 to 36 months depending on
how sick you were to start and how
hard your body holds on to the

ALA will chelate mercury as well as arsenic.
DMSA will chelate mercury as well as lead.

It is important to remove your potential source of poisoning before taking chelators. Amalgams, metal parts in the body, maybe even tattoos. External sources could be anything.

Excerpt from 'Mercury diaries' by Daniel Forsyth:

His protocol was pretty simple too: it just meant taking small,
controlled doses of chelators (drugs to detox mercury) every three to four
hours for three days, even waking up at night to take the pills. Then stopping
after three days, resting and letting the body recover. Keeping the dose low
would minimise any problems.
When you mobilise mercury, the chelator grabs on to a minuscule bit of
mercury, picks it up and moves it out of the body. Once it is out, it can no
long harm you.

OK, it's not as simple as that. What actually happens is the mercury is
picked up, moved into the blood stream, transported a little, then dropped
again. Then it is picked up again by another bit of chelator, transported and
dropped again. Picked up, dropped. Picked up, dropped.
All the time this picking-up, dropping-off is happening. And that's fine
as long as you have the chelation agent in your blood to do the picking up
again. The problem (and misunderstood) part is that the chelators only have
a half-life of a few hours. When the chelator runs out of juice, any mercury
that has been mobilised is dropped and is not picked up again. Once you
have free mercury floating about inside you, that's when it begins to hurt,
that's when damage is done.

When a chelator enters the body, it lasts for a very specific period of
time. If the level of chelator is kept constant you will have a conveyor belt
of chelators moving mercury, bit by bit, out of your body. You keep topping
up the chelator dose every three to four hours, keeping the level constant,
which in turn keeps the mobilised mercury bound to the chelator—where it
can do little harm.

I guess it's like juggling: the chelator lifts the mercury and juggles the
mercury out of your body. But the moment the chelator runs out, that's the
moment there is free mercury wandering around inside you, i.e. the juggler
drops the balls. And yes, free, unbound mercury will hurt wherever it settles.
Each person will have a certain tolerance to the level of mercury they
can handle. The lower the quantity of mercury dropped, the easier it is for
your body to cope with. So the advice is to start with a low dose of chelator.
Unfortunately because mercury is so toxic, it is not possible to chelate
all the time. Even when it's bound to chelators, it is still floating around
inside you buggering things up, so you must stop chelating and rest. You
must give your body time to recover. People do try continuous chelation, but
not many succeed. They always have to have some time off to recover.
Mobilising mercury is a serious business and not something that should be
taken lightly.When you end the chelation round in order to recover, you hit the snag,
you run out of chelating agent, the half-life is finished, some of the mercury
is dropped, . Sometimes not a lot, sometimes more. The trick is to take just
enough chelator so that it does not hurt you when the round ends. Keep the
dosage low and you will be fine. Each person is different and will have a
different safe dose of chelator.

Sources: 'Amalgam Illness' by Andrew Hall Cutler
' Mercury Diaries' by Daniel Forsyth

I would love to keep this up to date. If I remain a cluster of thoughts instead of a normal human being I will consider making a thread in the neighbourig section of this forum.
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Jul 4, 2024
For the last couple of days I've been suicidal after waking up, felt better around 11 am and then back to being suicidal for the rest of the day.

I can't trust my decisions. I couldn't trust them for the last decade. It's nearly impossible to plan something or make a promise. I learned to answer 'I don't know' for most of the things. 'Will you come tomorrow?' At the moment I could feel fine but tomorrow I don't know if 1) will sleep at all or sleep just 4 hours being unable to go on with the day; 2) have depression and be unable to go on with the day. Things are better now luckily.

So I don't know if tomorrow I show up in work. Waking up at 2am which this work requires seems pretty hardcore now. My cognitive functions are so impaired. I can hardly motivate myself to do anything. I have access to zolpidem and this could help me survive at least 2 months until my contract ends. I already had such incidents throughout the life. Recently I couldn't come to work becouse I was so suicidal I panicked. Took a week off.

Either way chelation doesn't stop. It's the only goal that motivates me to push through life now. I'm really curious what is at the other side. I don't mean death atm. I mean what is it like to be healthy. I would like to discover what personality do I have, how can I really relate to people, if I can connect with them at all. I would love to have a clear face, to be lean and clean. To have comprehensible feelings and act on them spontaneously. To smile, to be angry when I should be, to be fun again, to sing, to be able to go on with life, to be able to do anything physically.

Round 34.

100 mg DMSA
300 mg ALA

Every 3 hours for 3 days.

Supplements I have atm:

Vitamins B-50
Adrenal Cortex Extract
Milk thistle extract
Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium lactate dihydrate with B6
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

I started chelation in October 2023. In Cutler's book they say that months 6-9 will be the worst. Well, it fits in my case.

Things that helped me tremendously so far:

Humaworm formula. There is no such thing as humaworm in country I live. I bought dried herbs and powder extracts. Made a tea from herbs and drunk the extracts mixed with water. Sleep improved, very pleasurable, relaxing feeling once you are accustomed to it. I enjoy the tea but you have to separately brew wormwood which is very bitter but one can get used to it.

I think I had and maybe still I do have some nasty things inside me. I was permanently bloated. Beer belly even though I rarely drink it. I'am better now and lost 8kg so far.

Daniel Forsyth in his book explains it more specifc. Basically you take it two times a day for a month, then you take 3 months break.

Herb formula:

Yellow Dock 150 mg Black Walnut 125 mg Garlic 125 mg Fennel Seed 100 mg Hyssop 100 mg Pau D' Arco 100 mg Peppermint 100 mg Ginger 75 mg Wormwood 50 mg Cloves 50 mg Thyme 50 mg Cayenne (90 hu) 25 mg Milk Thistle 50 mg Marshmallow 50 mg Burdock 50 mg Elecampane 50 mg Fenugreek 50 mg Sage 50 mg Cascara Sagrada 12.5 mg

2) Dietary advices from "Nourishing Traditions' by Sally Fallon.

3) Water kefir grains, milk kefir grains and kombucha.

It took me some time to accustomed to this but I can't live without it now. Helped me to rebuild gut flora I believe, heal the permanent bloating I had and lose body weight, stop cravings, helped with digestion and is just tasty. I'm lucky I can get raw milk.

I was wondering why kombucha has such positive effect on me. I imagine those different enzymes and bacteria doing their good job, trace amounts of alcohol, but what exactly?

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Jul 4, 2024
Okay, so I did the lab test for mercury in blood and urine. Unfortunately I didn't do it before starting the chealtion process or at the very early stage of it. I didn't care. I followed the symptoms. I wanted to feel better asap. Now my thinking is a little bit clearer and I can plan things more efficiently.

2024 07 09 162941 1280x1024 scrot

It's hard to say how reliable the lab is, but anyway. Mercury in blood is low (0,8 mcg/L), below their reference range. (2,0 mcg/L)

Mercury in urine is slightly elevated (2,5 mcg/L). Above the reference range (1,0 mcg/L). Still, other sources say that this level is considered normal. Even Cutler (this is the most reliable source of knowledge for me now) states that:

If urine mercury exceeds 10 mcg/24h in the absence of industrial exposure it is strongly suggestive of mercury intoxication.

It looks like I'm peeing some mercury out, but the problem is I did the test wrong. Firstly, I collected first pee in the morning after 48h after taking chelating agents. Should be after 24h and secondly I should collect urine for 24h then mix it and carry the sample. As Cutler understands it:

Make sure to wake up in time. so that EXACTLY 24 hours after you started collecting your urine, you can pee, put it in the container, and stop the collection. You now have a 24 hour urine sample that needs to be mixed, put in a little bottle, and sent to the lab.


Urine mercury is not recommended as a diagnostic test in and of itself. It can be a good tracking.test.

So i'm going to repeat the test the proper way this time. After this round of chelation I'll wait until the worst symptoms kick in: sense of impending doom, depression and insomnia to name a few. Too bad you can't measure level of mercury in your nervous system.

Ahh and I forgot to mention: I quitted my job. Symptoms are unbearable and out of control. I almost CTB yesterday or at least hurt myself.
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