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Just wanting some peace
Sep 24, 2020
Ceasing to exist is all that's beautiful to me, I only see beauty in permanent non-existence, it'd be beautiful to be unaware for all eternity with all finally forgotten about, I only wish for an eternal, dreamless sleep, I find it so beautiful how death solves everything and brings peace from all the suffering, in an existence that is so cruel and futile with no limit as to how much one can suffer death truly is the only relief.

For me suicide would be a positive solution to escape from meaningless suffering, there's no tragedy in being free from the hopeless abomination of existing as a human where one is destined for nothing but to suffer, decay and deteriorate just to be tormented by old age. There's no sadness in the eternal absence of all suffering and harm rather non-existence is all that's ideal to me.

Existence itself really is the true problem, it's so repulsive how humans force life here even know nobody can suffer from never existing at all, I see beauty in voluntary death as it's suffering prevention in an existence so meaningless and undesirable, I'd always prefer to not exist no matter what but of course only never existing is true perfection, I wish I stayed eternally unaware of the evil that is existence.
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The name's Cedrik
Jun 23, 2023
Bro is single handedly making sure everyone here is depressed
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May 29, 2024
Made me think deeply for a while. Nice. Thanks.