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Jun 10, 2018
Its in the PPH and I've read a few cases about it but nobody on here or other forums is talking about it. Is there a reason.. does anyone have any info or know why this isn't a good method.. bc it seems perfect to me if I could just figure out the correct science behind it. Put the generator in your car, a lot less messy than charcoal, drink some alcohol take some benzos and wait. Ive been looking into buying one but again I just don't see much talk of it here and Im wondering why.


Not Circling the Drain Anymore
May 31, 2018
The difference is with an electrical generator you're relying on the CO (carbon monoxide) that is produced from incomplete combustion, which is a rather unpredictable phenomenon. This GULPS device is producing a set amount of CO in a controlled environment. More predictable.


Jun 26, 2019
Has any one got more info on this gulp machine? When co goes through water doesn’t it just become co2? This video was put out there but there doesn’t seem to be much follow up on this device. I like the idea but the lack of follow up info worries me!
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