Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja

"Please, finish my story."
Nov 25, 2020
Does anyone feel like they will inevitably CTB before they hit a certain age? It's just hard to picture myself even alive five years from now. Instead of thinking about what I would be doing or where I will end up, I just constantly think about what happens after we die. A bit morbid, I know...
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Mar 22, 2020
Yeah. I can't imagine myself neither, let's say in +10 years. (I'm 32 now and I've had more than enough with LIFE)


Dec 18, 2019
The future is utterly horrifying for me to imagine. My body is already deteriorating from drug use in my 20’s, and I shudder at the thought of how I’ll look and feel even five years from now. It just isn’t worth it. In life you’re only granted one vessel for the entirety of your existence, and I’ve fucked it up so early on that living beyond 30 would just be torture.
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