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Life sucks

Apr 18, 2018
There are things we like or love to do even if we hate this life. BUT....

-The annoying people won't let you do what you want in peace even if its little things.

-You can't get peace to do what you want because life itself is a burden.

-The stupid system will give you no time and if you have time you don't have money.

-Everyday is the same and everyone wants you to be a dead living instead of real dead.

-Psychological or physical problems or mood swings or anhedonia or extreme depression or any problem inside us that prevents us from doing these things.

-Sometimes you feel paralyzed and can't do anything, nobody will help and nobody wants you to do what you want, they want you to do what they want.

-Time flies and runs over us, killing us slowly. Can't let us enjoy the moments if we got the extremely rare and scarce chance of doing what we want. Once you get the chance, it ends very quickly.

-Everyday just pass mostly with passive suicidality. Sometimes searching for a method and trying it but fail.

This life is no peace. There is no logic that supports it. They force you to live then force you to live in a certain way. Time runs and you don't do anything you really want.

So its better to quit the life and the slow ugly death. I know there are cool good or lovely stuff to do but this life is all about destroying everything you want with the numerous destructive tools as I mentioned before like the system and the function of time.


Voluntary deletion.
May 9, 2018
Yeah I agree. The only good things you barely can do are not worthy of living against the weight of life, and all the time-consuming redponsabilities, studying or working... And anyway, you will die one day so... who cares about life.
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