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May 4, 2018
Oh and i wanted to say:

I didnt mean to make u more paranoid. In your case its better when u focus on relaxing. Take your pills and concentrate on other things. (I know how it feels to be paranoid). Its unlikley that someones monitoring your smartphone all the time...
And its just not good to act paranoid (what u do when u are paranoid) because that will give u more attention from other people „he acts weird. He has something to hide“ and that will make u even more paranoid. A devils circle.

But on the other hand and what i wanted to say with my previous post is, that when u are too relaxed u can make big mistakes. Giving too much personal information about u to other people is not good.

Sorry didnt mean to make u more paranoid.

Im just very emotional with this topic. If u know what i mean.
Compliance pills.
Dani Paradox

Dani Paradox

Permanently Banned
Aug 17, 2018
It's been in the news that people have been spied on through the microphone and camera in their smart tvs. You aren't safe anywhere unless you have tape over everything.


Jun 15, 2018