Oct 4, 2020
"Bolsonaro's government wants to repeal ordinances that support mental health policy.

The Ministry of Health should revoke a series of ordinances that structure the mental health policy in the country and that have been in force since the 1990s."

I didnt find artices in english:


It is as if the government of this manic fascist was saying "the population can kill themselves with their mental problems".

I sincerely hope that this man will die a very painful death.


Dec 19, 2019
To be quite honest, I think people are overreacting. Since the 70s, mental health in Brazil has been based much more on ideologies than on science - the anti-asylum movement is a clear example of this. I spent three years studying psychology and, believe me, ideology comes first. Bolsonaro is just trying to change these issues a little and is being labeled as the heartless guy who doesn't give a shit about the mentally ill.

The Ministry of Health's proposals seem to be very reasonable. I don't see these changes harming the mentally ill in any way.
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Nov 9, 2019
How did so many people vote for him if he is a far right fringe candidate? I think he got something like 55% of the vote. I’m not from Brazil. I always thought of Brazil as a left wing “socialist” country.
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