Mar 22, 2020
So, I was listening to a great song (Change The World by Man With A Mission) and there was this verse that hit me:

"Betray the expectations, amaze the world and let them see!"

I feel this was a message for us, people who want to CTB, betray the expectations of the system, which only wants to live, be slaves, and die at an old age as a grey and sick old man/woman.

I don't know how to put it in words but instead of being sad for wanting to CTB, I feel kinda happy. I mean, we're special! We see life beyond the "study-work-have-a-family-and-die" stereotype. I'm not sure if this is better but at least it's more interesting.

Just, what the hell is life and this weird universe? Do you realize nothing makes sense? I guess not betraying the expectations and being normal must feel "good" because you're just...boring and close-minded.

Anyway, just wanted to vent a little and know what you think about all of this. Isn't it great to betray the expectations?

Also, here's the song. I think you'll love it:



Sep 4, 2020
agreed. we're all gonna die anyway why drag out the suffering? i work with old people and its depressing. they are literally waiting around to die. i dont want to get to that point where im too frail to ctb. better to do it when im young. i dont plan on ever having children which i am judged a lot for but fuck what other people think - i am being unselfish by not burdening innocent souls of having to live in this miserable world.