Aug 18, 2020
There is a certain allure when I call it an outsider community. Due to the fact one can paint the picture as "we" against "them". On the other hand fringe is connoted very negatively. I read an article recently where they described on the internet everyone can find a niche that fits to them. The bad side of that is that the insane people can find together too. Considering how the media treats this website they would probably call us insane too. I think the severe criticism might lead to the opposite of the desired effect. This website gets attention and the members might do the rally around the flag thing.

We certainly are a niche. However I am not sure how small. This website gets more clicks than most anti-suicide counselling websites. So there must be a certain allure. Me for example I value that I can be fully honest. I think the seriousness with how I talk about suicide would not be welcomed everywhere. I am just a very suicidal person with a lot of suicidal thoughts. On other platforms I had to censor me. Other people with more success in life looked down at me and my utter desperation. I was called insane for wanting to die etc.

I think if the average guy reads about the forum they consider us monsters. However I think many people with serious and longterm suicidal thoughts feel more free on this website than on other forums. In my country a lot of people are in favor of liberal assisted suicide. I think many of them could potentially have empathy for suicidal people. Some people on Twitter defend suicide forums in general. But not necessarily this forum. Though there are barely alternatives for this forum. I think many people are sceptical concerning assisted suicide for people with mental illness. However my case shows that people can suffer for many years (for me roundabout a decade) of suicidal thoughts because of mental illness without really a major improvement. But they seldomly talk about such cases in the media.

We are a minority. But it does not surprise me that this forum grows when the media reports about it. The stigmatization to talk about suicide is so severe in our societies. Instead of finding a good solution for this topic we leave these desperate people alone. In the greyarea where they can be punished arbitrarily. I think due to the lack of assited suicide possibilities this forum necessarily will remain a place for longterm suicidal people. The state could alleviate the pain of many poor souls that feel forced to brutal methods like train or hanging. I think for me it is rather a question about the when and not if it will happen. But I am very pessimistic whether the state will help me in the end. The elites just don't know how it feels to rot in misery for over a decade.

For me suicide might be a sign of protest in the end for how unfair life treated me. But I think many here feel similarly.
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May 4, 2022
I think we are niche and outsiders. Still- I also agree that there are likely huge numbers of people who would join a forum like this if they knew it existed. Maybe I'm just naive but I'm really late to the game. I've had ideation for 33 years but I only joined here last year! It didn't even occur to me there were places like this. I suppose I just thought they were all on the dark web or obscure parts of Reddit and full of murderers and trolls- I expect there are one or two here of course but overall- I'd say people are here for genuine reasons.

I joined within the space of reading just a few posts. I was so excited that here was finally a place I could just be open about stuff- plus- have some interesting discussions about the really big topics in life and death. I just wish- for a change- a journalist would write about the positive, supportive side to these kinds of forums. You'd think that just the chance of free speech to talk about (almost) anything would be welcomed for one.


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Apr 19, 2022
We are definitely not of the conventional mindset. Most people seem to enjoy life as a whole, in spite of hardships. Unfortunately, we are in the minority that doesn't.
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