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May 29, 2018
Hello again.

I escaped from hell to kms, got caught & locked up in another hell, got assessed & transferred to the most recent hell & now I’ve been sent back to my current hell that I initially escaped from a.k.a. “home”.

I’m more desperate than ever but unfortunately people (read family, friends & doctors etc etc) are too controlling right now after that failed attempt & it would be foolish to try again right away.

But I will still be looking for a potential pact partner whom I can trust (IMPORTANT). Preferably someone who prefers the jumping method onto rocks/concrete/unforgiving surfaces (not into water). If u feel like this describes u please let me know & maybe we can arrange for something mutually beneficial that will ultimately lead to eternal peace a.k.a. death & NOT ANOTHER FAILED ATTEMPT.

If interested leave me a message that includes your name, age, location etc for faster communication so I get an idea of who u are & our potential compatibility.


Jun 30, 2018
you must find the real strength to end it all, instead denying it everyday. You must be like lady lunafreya and not fear death. That's how I got my strength. I don't fear death, cause as a real person knows, one will be reincarnated according to Claudia. Reborn in a new life, we I can start a new from the beginning hoping things are different, if not, girl, reincarnation is the cycle of life.
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