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Apr 7, 2018
not because they care about social constructs of not "devastating" family and friends or think it's the easy way out but actually enjoy life?

Because if they're a minority (the people who live ONLY because they enjoy life), then that means thaat happiness in life is pretty much a lottery and even if most of us here were cured, life would still be bad enough to die (think of the rich and attractive, Anthony Bourdain)

Honestly, I will say it again, why live? I discovered drugs two years ago so that might be a reason but my stupid African mother says that "The way to live a happy life is no crime or no drugs and education". No offense to her, but I don't want to live the live of a homphobic, conservative woman who married the first man she met.

I am seriously thinking of buying heroin and valium/xanax when I get my first paycheck. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is the point in pursuing this absurd existence. The fact that guilt iswhat keeps most people from offing themselves points to existence being a social prison.

Even if I get rich, why struggle anymore doing shit you don't want to do?
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