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Don't shoot the messenger, give me the gun
Sep 25, 2018
I'm not American but yes
Exact Change

Exact Change

A life of mistakes
Nov 6, 2022
I'm simply hating my country. We have become a nation of guns and hate. We are driven by ignorance, greed, and cling to a racist past and continue the tradition. With this combination it makes sense we are the leaders in mass shootings. Maybe my mental health would improve in a country that's less toxic.
I didn't mean for my Orig post to become so divisive. But, I guess I should have expected it. This exact type of discourse is why I hate the state of this country. It has become insufferable.

Is there any data on the amount of self-righteous, close-minded citizens per capita in each nation?

As for me, I don't like being wrong, no one does, but I will be able to recognize it when I am (I think... I hope). But I've found that there is no longer an ability for discussion only debate and a "Google" tug of war. It becomes a kind of ...You're wrong and I'm right...You are stupid so I laugh at you in order to demean and feel superior. Self-esteem is a very complicated beast. At least some people learn stuff in the process. I include myself in that comment.

But I am also a little different. I have an unfortunate history of violence and many of you would say that I should kill myself because I have it coming. And I could not have much of an argument against that thought. But, I try to change. However, when I hear the lies, the false discourse, the ignorance, and the closed minds, I want to hurt someone. Or hurt myself. So, it does seem there is no place for me.

In closing, this nation can be great. We have the money, the resources, and the influence to make our lives and the lives of other people around the world to be better. But Americans waste it and allow the people who we elect to manipulate the populace for their own gains. We are too lazy and stupid to recognize the truths that are being hidden. Americans disallow the beliefs of others and feel that everyone needs to think in a singular fashion, "The American way. (consider that the American way is anti-suicide or self-determination) . Fuck this country and all of its inhabitants, from the inbred people of that Appalachians, the religious zealots, every hypocritical politician and clergy getting blow jobs from children, every lobbyist that controls the nation's policy, and anyone trying to ban this site because they failed to help their child.
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Mar 9, 2023
Okay. How would I argue against a divide in the US if you are skeptical of the media?
If Vox stirs up a video on polarization and if a church that actively spreads disinformation is alive and well, then, is the divide really not true?
church that actively spreads disinformation is alive and well,
Spreading disinformation isn't a bad thing. Natural selection'll get those dumb enough to fall for it.
The US is _de jure_ secular. In practice, it is still common practice to swear oaths on the Bible, there is religion in both the Pledge of Allegiance and the Dollar.
Wording in pledges & swearing oaths on the Bible do not correlate with the USA being secular; seperation of church & state's one of the basic premises of the US government.
The US also has major cities like Detroit where murder rates are crazy higher.
Detroit, one of the worst cities in the US in terms of violent crime rates, shouldn't be used here. The US' homicide rate is 7.8 for every 100,000 people.
Ad hominems already? Nice.
What is your point? By saying "nice", do you mean that you want me to use them more?
Double the homelessness population of Brazil
Because people living in shanties & favelas aren't counted as homeless.
If so, then why have trial programs regarding Universal Basic Income been proven to be successful lately?
They're trial programs. For a nation of >350 million people, UBI's not economically feasible.


♂️ 🇧🇷 🧩 🤘 🐾
Jun 27, 2023

Yes, I know that Vox/Vice are very left-leaning. But pointing out the bias of the news organization alone doesn't dispel the argument they are making.
Unless you want me to reconstruct their same arguments? The data is still out there and Ornstein's material and recognition exists outside of Vox.

Spreading disinformation isn't a bad thing. Natural selection'll get those dumb enough to fall for it.

And by natural selection you mean what? Idiocracy?

Not at all. It will just lead to a concentration of power amongst a political few against the alienated many.
Spreading disinformation, and also propaganda, is a common war tatic. Are modern propaganda machines like Russia and China failing today because of natural selection? Did the WW2 facist propaganda machines fail because of natural selection? Not really. As long as you can maintain a working and intellectual class aligned to the state's politics, where would natural selection take place?

Wording in pledges & swearing oaths on the Bible do not correlate with the USA being secular; seperation of church & state's one of the basic premises of the US government.

I feel like the burden of proof is on you. The claim that "government procedures involving bibles" is secular is not trivial.
The separation of church and state still is controversial in the US. It was only in the last 50 or so years that teaching creationism was banned in schools (Epperson v. Arkansas, Edwards v. Aguillard).
Furthermore, the basic premises of any government can only go as far as the population is willing to enforce or change them. In fundamentalist circles, the separation of church and state isn't seen as keenly: https://www.pewresearch.org/religio...t-than-oppose-separation-of-church-and-state/

Detroit, one of the worst cities in the US in terms of violent crime rates, shouldn't be used here. The US' homicide rate is 7.8 for every 100,000 people.

Why not? It is a large, failed metropolitan area of the US, one of the grandstanding first-world countries that we are discussing.
The fact that the rates are comparable to Brazil's worst means that, at some degree, the US isn't doing much better?
How is Detroit even remotely excusable for a first-world country?

Because people living in shanties & favelas aren't counted as homeless.

Yes. While people in Brazil move to the city outskirts and build their own property, the same alternative does not exist in the US.
And that is not by a lack of trying, but city officials tear down makeshift properties and tents in the US all the time.
I think a roof is preferable over no roof.

They're trial programs. For a nation of >350 million people, UBI's not economically feasible.

How so? If the trial programs are working, it's obvious that the success metrics take into account more than "civilians are happy with the extra money", right? Surely the due diligence in economic analysis is being done.


Aug 16, 2022
I'm not wanting to step into a subject that'll lead to the usual flamewars. Nation-states come & go; the US has only been around about 250 years. In contrast, there's much older corporations/companies

If you're 25, you've been around for 10% of US history

But lots of people who "hate" something have great ideas on improving it! Lots of fine people hate the world — as it is today. And that's fine, maybe they can help fix it, if people stopped stepping on each other's toes

With the US, well admittedly it has its fingers in lots of people's pies, and most people hate the government. So it'll cause a lot of hate until it one day fixes its problems

Is the US a 3rd world nation? Well, the usual pattern is great misery next to great opulence:

Noam Chomsky said:
So, a typical Third World country has a small sector of the population which lives in extraordinary wealth and opulence, and they’re kind of connected with the ongoing experiments. And they’re the ones who write the articles and the books and so on, so they think it’s all great, and they advocate it and so on.

For the rest of the population, outside of that small sector — this runs across any Third World society you look at — they live somewhere between suffering and misery. You know, depends on the society. Most of them, it’s closer to misery. And as the experiments proceed, it gets closer and closer to that.

Then there’s another part of the population which is simply superfluous. I mean, they don’t contribute anything to wealth creation, and you’ve got to do something with them. Like, if it’s, say, Colombia, which gets half of U.S. military aid for the hemisphere and has the worst human rights record in the hemisphere, then what you do with them is send out the military forces or the paramilitary forces to murder them. Now they’re called disposable people. In other places, you do it in various other different ways, but somehow you just get rid of them.

So, that’s a typical Third World society: small sector of great wealth, a large mass of the population facing one or another problem, from down to misery and then disposable people.

That’s fairly uniform. And that’s been a uniform consequence of these experiments, which, in general, have been going on for hundreds of years. So, the general principle is, designers do great; the ones who cooperate with them do great; the experimental animals, only by accident do they gain anything, mostly they suffer quite a bit.
If you squint, the US is similar. And in all the stats, there's things we don't discuss. Take for example its world-beating jailing of its own people. (Recent stats are unclear & juked; maybe a few countries like Rwanda recently got a higher rate. China has lots of unreported prisoners, so we should double their numbers — but it has far more people, so its rate is still much lower than the US's)

I spoke with a US prison guard recently, who quit because "I saw enough things no man should see". He told me how the prettier men would rub their own shit on themselves, to avoid being raped by "gladiator motherfuckers". Game of Thrones

Go speak with the Uber/Lyft drivers, they have all sorts of stories of violence, misery & endless wageslavery

There's many friendly, open people in the US. Lots of nice things about it. But you walk downtown in some cities, the homeless roam like zombies. That's you, if you burn out & lose your job. It's a most unforgiving place

When I went to Manhattan, I dreamed that it could be a utopia, with its huge population density. If only people were free. I could almost hear it strain under all the bonds it wraps people in

Everyone's divided & conquered by pseudoscience like "race", culture wars, those pageants where everyone's rallied to crown social managers as lords & king...
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Aug 5, 2023
Amen to that.


New Member
Aug 22, 2023
From the history what we learned is only capitalist economy works well, all other types fall at some point

Socialist economy may seem good but practically it’s a huge failure example Venezuela

Communist huge failure too example Russia
It's all about living a life as a dignified human and a citizen to me. Whether this can be offered or not depends on who you are in a given society and whether that society includes you in their sense of human. Capitalism and communism both dehumanizes people in their own way, but capitalism dehumanizes in ways that are worth mentioning, since we are mostly living in one I would imagine. If people who live in capitalism don't figure out a better, less dehumanizing ways to live for capitalism, and if that doesn't include questioning capitalism itself, then who will do that for us? Communists will figure it out just fine too. They can collapse, or they can sustain, or they can be even stronger. There's Venezuela among socialist countries, but there's also China.


Post-Apocalyptic Sage
Jul 10, 2023
Yes, but not just in the flippant, self-hating edgy way that people do to appeal to non-Americans.

I hate the corrupt government, the many layers of social engineering, the evil experiments upon people, the hypocrisy between both political factions, the psyops.

This country had/has great potential if people could truly break free from psychological restraints, their economical strife, and collectively adopt positive values.


i’m miss world
Aug 30, 2023
i hate how native americans have been treated, it’s so unfair