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Jun 20, 2023
I don’t know if it is wishful thinking, but I strongly do not believe in an afterlife. I think you just slip into unconsciousness and no more existence and your energy is absorbed back into the earth somehow.

I do, however, believe in alien life. Not necessarily in this solar system or galaxy. But I do believe there has to be something else out there.

Anyway, on to the point. Should there be an afterlife and alien life… would we both be part of the same afterlife? Or would our afterlives be separate as well? What sense would it make for our afterlives to be separate?

I guess some could argue that different religions would have a different afterlife based on their religion, but even if there is an afterlife, I just don’t see that as possible.

Any thoughts?


Jun 10, 2023
I agree. the world outside ours is vast and uncertain, and so is death. I would imagine dying would be like sleeping but without dreams at all - just a blank
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Homo erectus

Mar 7, 2023
Probably all possibilities have been mentioned, from nothingness, to heaven, to reincarnation. But not one seems to have come back to tell people the truth. Perhaps there is no truth, or they are not allowed to tell, or people just think they are talking rubbish.


Jul 1, 2023
Aliens might have us in a matrix, we may be in a paradox of creating AI that create and trap us, that real humans ceased millenia ago xD.

I think on death the energy is dissipated as heat, electric as it strikes a tree turns to heat from a lightening strike does it not? I figure it's the same for us, when what was keeping that electric contained in a state for our living consciousness fails, it burns out and that's it. Shame like, but also hell would suck. Another plane of existence would be cool, like omnipotent without influence.
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Forever Sleep

Earned it we have...
May 4, 2022
It's an interesting question. I think similarly to you. I think it's likely that religion and afterlife are just manmade stories. This universe is so vast though- I also agree that it feels likely there must be life some place else.

Still- if consciousness/ spirit/ the soul lives on beyond death and there is an afterlife- then- why not? Why wouldn't the spirits of alien life go to the same place? Especially if they were created by the same source. I guess all we can be sure about is that when our physical bodies die, they stay on this planet and rot or- are burned or whatever. Our energy that is meat is recycled just the same as anything that dies- it feeds insects and other creatures. So- if our spirits have little to do with our physical bodies (unless they happen to be like transparent versions of them) but if not- if our spirits are just something else- orbs of light or nothing visible- then, so could alien spirits be. Maybe we wouldn't even know we were inhabiting the afterlife with alien spirits if we all 'look' the same then.

Maybe we have already lived past lives on alien planets even. If you believe in reincarnation- how do you even know how old your soul is? I don't know. Like you, I find it all a bit far fetched. Like- why? Why would we be needing to live multiple mortal lives? To what end? If we're supposed to be learning and improving ourselves in this sort of setting, why don't the majority of us remember our past lives?

Still yeah- if it's energy that lives on- why would that energy need to be visible? Why would it need to have any characteristics of 'us' even? That would be refreshing really. No racism, no inequality. No feeling anything I suppose.


Just another taxpayer...
Apr 30, 2023
Seems as though UFO/UAP talk is sounding as if some kind of disclosure or event will happen. Whether or not these things occur is yet to be seen until perhaps the 26th.

The whisleblowers seem to have in common the idea of interdimensional/astral planes.

I mean i won't lie, i have a childlike fantasy due to this depression that i would die for our universe to be something more magic than one first believed.

I saw a ufo myself, it had xx-14 in black written on the side, xx being unknown as it faded, it was letters though.

The craft had this noise that was unlike anything I've ever heard, ripply vibrations with an almost staticy electric quality, everything felt weird seeing that.

Like i had seen something i was utterly forbidden to see, has to be human or alien


Sep 9, 2023
As far as Aliens, the Fermi Paradox is very interesting to me.

According to Wikipedia:
The Fermi paradox is the discrepancy between the lack of conclusive evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life and the apparently high likelihood of its existence. As a 2015 article put it, "If life is so easy, someone from somewhere must have come calling by now."

If there are Aliens/extraterrestrials than we should have found them by now or them found us, UNLESS we or they already have and it's kept a secret.

It is almost as if the universe is designed so that we are not supposed to. They should exist with all planets and galaxies out there, but maybe the universe could be a hologram to look like they do but don't. Don't know, a deep topic