Emissary of the right to die.
Aug 30, 2018
Hey all,

For those who have been wondering what happened to me in the last 6+ weeks, well I went away. To start things off, there was an unfortunate event that occurred here a while back, and I won't get into deep details, but I'll just say that I had a thread up that I thought was ok, but on that same day it was removed due to it being in violation of the rules on here. I wasn't sure until I reached out to staff, when then I got an answer. I sought to see whether it could be rectified with enough changes, but nothing came out of that so I assumed that was it, the thread was gone for good. I was upset for a while, plus I also had some things IRL that weren't pleasant at the time, so I just took a long break from it.

Also, I remembered in 2020 I mentioned that it would have been my last year alive, perhaps even early 2021, but given the circumstances and slight change in events IRL, I have decided to stay for a while longer. I'm still very pro-choice for the matter and have found a new calling, which is to try and change the perspective of the outside world, which is still hostile towards the idea of being pro-choice with respect to the right to die/right of self-determination. I believe my efforts would be better served there instead of preaching to the choir here. As many people already know, especially long time members here, already know my stance, ideas, arguments against the pro-lifers. Therefore, it would be more effective to reach out to the outside world and try to (gradually) change their perspective to be more of pro-choice than pro-life.

Rest assured, now that I am back, I will share my knowledge and facts of the methods I know and try to answer the questions that others may have in regards to such methods. Furthermore, I will offer continued emotional support to those who have made up their minds and decisions, whichever route they choose.

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Jan 20, 2020
It’s good to see you again. I was wondering where you had gone. It’s pretty cool to hear you want to change minds and hearts to help people understand everyone deserves the right to choose for themself. I hope your journey goes well, and would love to hear any progress made.