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Gray Wounds

Gray Wounds

A Phantasmagoria
Jun 27, 2018
Above me is a tearing sky,

like a frivolous eye ready to die,

bedizened with maladies in the color of red,

in which my cheeks shattered and bled.

Bowing my lifeless head below I saw,

the teeming shivers and spasms always I held low.

Like a statue robbed of impunity my lee wept,

And into the scarlet tears which my body veers it slept.

Orbs of black stared in horror into the vein,

but what macabre can't suffice this onerous vain?

Yon space dragging my gossamer reality and sanity,

producing neither equality nor inducing me some lighter profundity.

Sagacious I must've been to be avaricious to a horizon,

the imagery of an eye fiery by the colored paint of indecorous oblivion.

All this I can see yet behold the specious vicissitude,

enter–my hand grasping the prelude.

Your descant injects to me a dissentious folly,

for such quintessence of vivacity became vicious and obligatory.

Headless your race swarmed into a monastic ailment,

cloistered in the scent of aimless impediment.

Perusing my vestiges in the form of a wave you came,

frightening, manoeuvring, intoxicating your poisons'— a shame.

Shoot me, shoot me with your own hatred and despair—

The vane in my pocket a shield through the pain and a mess beyond repair.

I reach my hand for you to feel,

the drip of plea coated in red, pulsating in a certain degree so real.

Trepidation then laid with me to touch, violate, lick my obnoxious body.

These holes I covered in a jacket of obscurity not even you can see these worms so godly.

Once, a shooting star wrote into the body of the lord so dark,

letters of which every quidnuncs have failed to announce without a bark.

By my niche I silently clawed into my eyes the tears, so coward,

for the word is so pernicious it can inspire my lively thrive, to death I go forward.

Whispering my absence to your ears I bleed,

shut tight, it imitates my fists as I walk away into the abyss, my greed.

Pushing through my body countless thorns and golden knives,

wondering about a certain creature who could've saved these lives.

And now that my consciousness has settled into this blind abode,

I shall reveal to you the things I endure and these wounds so broad.

For somehow even these metallic chains can be heard from afar,

together with the thousand souls I've devoured all fixed in my divine altar.

Careful, careful with your steps for you might awaken the distorted.

Don't wail, don't shout, don't falter by your temporary blindness and get haunted.

Follow the distinct rusty yet sweet as a rose scent,

which to your beating tiny life, like a guide I have sent.

Every cell illuminated by the blood of its prisoner can confuse you,

mine you will find not so distant, not so near for I am free, I am true.

But where? Where could I possibly be in this terrain of thoughts?

Ah! Step backwards— one— two— peek-a-boo, into my body rots.

My newly sharpened vane found dalliance in your foible,

steadily and then shaky like a dying man's breath, my hand sliced your arm so feeble.

A gasp— long and trippy— we have heard,

simply being gashed and you trembled like a disappointing herd?

To saunter with you has been my goal,

more than the mountain of Everest you shone like coal!

Eeeek!—- Your cry has been when my tongue, a snake, delivered saliva in your skin.

Oooh… so tasty, so pure, a soul not tainted not even by my existence nor my kin!

What folly this could be? A spit into my crown of faith and promises!

Unforgivable! Impeccable! Divine premises!

These taunting chains', a monster's claw driving me insane—

wait for me dear, wait for me as I put to you the same coquetting pain!

Like a child I sat, untouchable, impure, and palled,

back into the wilderness off this blackness my bones have nulled.

Then silent footsteps like wings I've heard so bright,

from the falling swords of prejudice above me you ran as I cover your plight.

Weep, weep for me and for these coffins injected in my back,

as bloodless arms and open wrists caresses thy heart from the impact.

Pearls flowed through this dark abode and I noticed their source,

your eyes like virgin oils shimmered because of my course.

The light is already far beyond my pleading,

and I know that you want to stop it all from bleeding.

In this line I will give you my deepest apologies, for my needs made you suffer.

Eyes wide open I plucked my wings, you shivered to its warmth as I whisper "after".

Devoid of laughter, devoid of sin,

I watched you put your hands over the glass of my coffin so thin.

Saying unheard words as rain poured from your eyes.

And for the last time I'll tell you goodbye, and remember that time will turn all memories to ice.

Flitting, an ash I've become.

Gray, my body obstinate for the power of the wind, not balm,

Up, down, up, down, into this black cataract of afterlife I dive,

gyrating together with every strip of memory, ebbing, a life ended by a knife.
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Jun 26, 2018
Very powerful stuff. Thanks again for sharing.
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