Tim of Suicide and Recovery
Feb 15, 2020
I was curious if I could create a Google Custom Search Engine for suicide methods. I did, but technical problems made it a bit of a failed experiment.

Link to the search engine:
(Privacy Note: I can see search queries so please don't enter personal information.)

For best results, use the tabs at the top (like "Forums").



Examples of technical problems include:
  • Synonyms like SN not working correctly despite being set up.
  • Webpages not appearing for searches that should pull up those pages.
  • Lack of control over the order of results.
  • Pages disappearing from search results when all sites are not allowed through.
One useful byproduct of this project was compiling a list of forum guides and case reports, I'll post the threads I found later in this thread.

The code for the search engine can be found here along with instructions for creating your own version:
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