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Apr 12, 2024
After that day, whenever I had free time I walked to this square to rest, there were many children there, inevitably they asked me sincere questions, to the point and of course, absurd: Why do you look like that? How did you end up like that? way? Did your wife cheat on you? You look like a girl, are you a girl? Without any shame, children say what anyone thinks they can say but doesn't want to or can't depending on the context. I answered all the questions without exception, and that for some reason must have made them happy, because they wanted to play with me all the time, and even the close families participated in the game because, I believe, they saw me as a good person. I always played there, and on a specific day I met a boy, he looked like my brother, but in a sadder version, he always arrived in the afternoon, I played there with the children for about 6 months, enough time to I noticed some details whenever this boy arrived. He was adopted, he was bullied, and he was always downcast, he had no friends, always before he entered school, he had to wait for the gate to open and he waited almost 20 minutes because he arrived too early. I tried to talk to him, without success at first, but after a while, he participated in a game I created, it was a board game, after some conversations about what he was studying at school and the arts he created. (which weren't ugly arts), he told me that he had intrusive and suicidal thoughts, I felt a little heavy thinking, he also said that his father was violent towards him and his mother. And that really affected me, right at the time he said there was a website he was visiting, it was this website (SS), at that time I didn't know about this website, it was the first time I heard about it.
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